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About the Product



Q. Is it possible to use this pan on an induction cooktop?


A. Absolutely! You can definitely use it.



Q. What does it mean when you say that the pan has no coating?



1.Typically, frying pans are coated with something like Teflon for added convenience.

2.Many cast iron products are often designed with a surface that is sanded and coated for both aesthetic appeal and rust prevention purposes. This helps enhance their visual appeal while providing protection against corrosion.

3.This iron frying pan boasts the remarkable craftsmanship of skilled artisans, who have successfully achieved a smooth surface through their high precision and advanced processing techniques. As a result, they have brought to life an exquisite uncoated iron frying pan, showcasing their mastery in the field.

4.Firstly, since there is no coating, you won't have to worry about it peeling off, which means no need for replacements. Secondly, you can rest assured that there are no concerns about harmful substances leaching from the coating. And thirdly, one of the fantastic advantages of a non-coated pan is its ability to maximize heat conductivity. This means that it can efficiently distribute heat, allowing for optimal cooking performance.

5.For the final finishing touch, we apply our unique heat treatment process called 'hard tempering.' This process ensures that our product is beautifully crafted to have excellent oil absorption, rust resistance, and minimal sticking or burning.



Q. What is the difference between the Premier Pure TETSU Pan, and the TETSU Pan?



The difference between the Premier Pure Iron Frypan

1."JunTetsu" and "Tetsu" lies in the material used.

2. The Premier Pure Iron Frypan "JunTetsu" is crafted using a material that is 99.9% pure iron, which results in a higher thermal conductivity compared to "Tetsu." If you're looking to enhance the flavors in your cooking, I highly recommend the JunTetsu frypan.

3.Tetsu," which is manufactured using the same method as JunTetsu.

4.While the thermal conductivity may be relatively lower due to the different material, when compared to other iron frypans in the market, Tetsu performs exceptionally well in terms of heat distribution. It is perfect for creating delicious and authentic dishes with ease in the comfort of your own home.

5.When it comes to lightweight design, "Tetsu" takes the lead. It offers a lighter option compared to JunTetsu.

6.Its lightweight construction and easy cleaning make it an excellent choice. We would be delighted if you could consider this option.



Q. What's the difference between TETSU and TETSU pot?


A. The difference between "Tetsu" and "Tetsunabe" lies in their shapes. With their distinct shapes, they offer a wider range of cooking variations, expanding the possibilities in your culinary endeavors. Due to these differences, the Tetsu Pot is slightly heavier compared to Tetsu and JunTetsu. Specifically, the Tetsu 26 weighs 965g, the JunTetsu 26 weighs 1005g, and the Tetsu Pot 25 weighs 1185g.



Q. I'm worried if it will rust.


A. Our Jun TETSU pan is properly seasoned, ensuring its resistance to rust. However, it is important to wipe off any moisture and store it properly to prevent rusting. We highly recommend performing regular maintenance for both JunTetsu and Tetsu, as they are made of pure iron. There is no significant difference in terms of susceptibility to rust between the two.



Q.Can I purchase only the handle (cork) separately?


A. You can rest assured that you can purchase cork separately on websites such as our HP and Amazon. Additionally, cork is compatible with both "Tetsu" and "JunTetsu" options.



Q.During cooking, will the handle become hot? I'm torn between choosing one with a cork grip and one without.


A. You can use it with bare hands even without a cork. While it may get slightly hot, some people prefer to wrap it with a cloth when using. However, if it's your first time using an iron frypan, I believe having one with a cork handle will provide added peace of mind. We also offer individual sales of cork, so if you visit this page and select cork, you will be able to make a purchase. We would greatly appreciate it if you could consider this option.




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