FAQ  Seasoning/Deformation/Discoloration/Scratches

⚫︎ About Seasoning


Q. It seems seasoning isn’t necessary for the first use, but is it needed after each subsequent use?


A. Seasoning isn't necessary every time. The frequency depends on usage, but even once a month is sufficient.



Q. I accidentally used detergent. Do I need to re-season it myself?


A. Generally, it's best to clean it with a natural brush and avoid using detergent. However, if it's heavily soiled, using detergent might be necessary. In that case, We'd recommend re-seasoning it afterward.




 ⚫︎ Deformation/Discoloration/Scratches


Q. Once I used it, the surface coating peeled off. Is it okay?


A. We apologize for the slightly unclear image, but since each unit is individually processed with a baking finish, uneven browning and spots may occur. Depending on the ingredients, the iron base may react with the food. It is particularly prone to react with ingredients such as tomatoes, lemons, and vinegar. The main body is seasoned by heating and allowing the oil to penetrate, so there is no coating applied. With continued use, any spots or unevenness from cooking will disappear.



Q. The interior has started to discolor. Is it safe to continue using it as it is?


A. It appears that the use of highly acidic ingredients such as tomatoes or vinegar has caused the oil that was absorbed into the surface to be reset, revealing the original silver color of the base material. This condition will gradually darken and resolve as you continue to use it. To address the issue of ingredients sticking, please prepare a metal scrubber and gently scrub away the burnt areas to restore the pan. When you rub it, the silver color of the base will appear, but if you continue to rub it and apply oil, it will be restored. By using the pan in that condition again, the surface will gradually darken.



Q. It appears to have cracks or indentations, but is it a defect from the beginning?


A. In the process of creating the material of JunTETSU, there may be cases where cracks or indentations like this can occur.



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